Frequently Asked Questions

When is the deadline to protest my property value?

In Texas you have until May 15th to protest property values after the appraisal district sends a notice of the assessed value or by the 30th day following the delivery of the notice of value, whichever is later. The appraisal district is required to notify a property owner if the increase is more the $1,000 prior from the previous year’s value.


Yes, to avoid being penalized and interest being added, all taxes must be paid by the delinquency date. Upon settlement of a case in the property owner’s favor, a refund will be received.

Commercial Properties in the Houston, Austin, San Antonio, and Dallas areas will be inspected every 2 to 3 years unlike our competitors.

When I signed my contract, was it resigning every year?

Yes, it best that our clients sign and evergreen agreement for us to be able to have year after year information.  It helps us to reduce your property  (ies) year after year.




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