Partner with Lane to Lower Your Commercial Property Taxes.
No other firm goes above and beyond like we do to help you save on your property taxes. Whether you own a single commercial property or a multi-property portfolio, it pays to protest your commercial property taxes each year. Lane Property Tax Advocates do all the legwork to build your case, reduce your tax bill and unburden your business.
You’ll get results with our expert tax appeal services.
Paperwork: Handled and filed
Property Values: Protested in-person
Appraisal Review Board Meetings:
Attended on your behalf
Litigation and Arbitration: Managed

Stop Paying Too-High Commercial Property Taxes

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The deadline to file commercial property tax protests for the 2022/2023 season has passed. Lane Property Tax Advocates is no longer accepting requests. Please check back in September/October to get the process started for the coming season.

Why Should You Protest Your Commercial Property Taxes?

The CAD is not always correct

The Appraisal District uses a process called Max Appraisal to generate a computer estimated value for your property, which is not always reliable.

Most appeals are successful

Typically, 50%-80% of appeals will reduce property taxes (depending on the year).


Every tax year stands on its own so the process of continuing to appeal your value keeps your tax bill low.


Any taxes you don’t have to pay means more of your money stays in your pocket.

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How Does a Commercial Property Tax Protest Work?

Working with Lane Property Tax Advocates makes the process easy. We take care of all the legwork, so you can focus on managing your properties and running your business. Trust your commercial property taxes to the experts at Lane.
156% more accounts receive a tax reduction when they use an agent
100+ years of combined real estate experience
75% of property values are corrected when represented by a property tax firm

Ready to Unburden Your Business?

For more than 10 years, Lane Property Tax Advocates has remained dedicated to fighting overinflated commercial property taxes and ensuring property owners throughout Texas are paying only their fair share. With a winning track record and a desire to protect your bottom line, Lane is here to help.
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