Here's why you should trust Lane to get you the commercial property tax relief you expect.

Reducing your commercial property tax burden can save hundreds of thousands of dollars across a portfolio, cutting your operating costs. So why not appeal your property value to reduce your bill, especially when typically at least 50% of appeals successfully reduce property taxes every year?

Taking on the process for you, Lane files the paperwork, does necessary research and represents you in the informal hearing, formal hearing and arbitration or litigation, if necessary. Our team acts fully on your behalf and fights to get you the lowest possible taxable value for your commercial property.

Not in the habit of studying tax law and the intricacies behind protesting your commercial property taxes? You’re not alone.  Lane’s property tax firm does those things for a living – and we’re more than capable of handling your protest with our extensive background and experience in property tax protesting. Plus, accounts that have a property tax firm representation see a reduction 156% more than those who self-represent. 

Property owners in Houston, Austin, Dallas, San Antonio and southwest Texas have saved millions in commercial property taxes by trusting Lane Property Tax Advocates to go to bat for them. And with Lane's no-risk agreement, you only pay if we get you commercial property tax savings. Isn't it time you let Lane unburden your business?


Every year, property owners across Texas trust Lane Property Tax Advocates to provide services for nearly $2.4 billion in commercial real estate. Many of our clients have been working with members of our team for more than 20 years, utilizing our services, which include:
GIS mapping 
Equal and uniform analysis
Preparation and filing of all necessary renditions, appeals, corrections and exemptions (additional filing fees may apply)

Aggressive valuation and assessment analysis
Income and cost analysis
Managing and responding to appraisal districts
Client portal available 24/7
Sales and market analysis
Specialized reports
Arbitration and litigation support

Ready to Unburden Your Business?

Lane Property Tax Advocates has been serving the greater Houston, Austin, San Antonio and Dallas areas and beyond for over 10 years - and we can help you, too.
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