Fight for Lower Property Taxes.

Many individuals wonder how to how to fight property taxes. And because there is a lot of information to understand and deadlines to meet, many don’t protest their high property taxes. At Lane, our tax experts are here to help. In addition to this tax calendar, contact our team today to learn how our property tax reduction services can help unburden your business from excessive property taxes.

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Due to ongoing COVID-19 restrictions, some property tax deadlines may have been changed. Check your County Appraisal District's website for updates. 

Property Tax Calendar

January 31
• Homesteads/O-65 and corrections are due for previous year
• Payment of property taxes from prior year is due

May 15
All property tax protests are due

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Wondering How to Protest Property Taxes?

Working with property tax protest companies like Lane ensures you have a partner to help.

Ready to Unburden Your Business?

Lane Property Tax Advocates has been serving the greater Houston, Austin, San Antonio and Dallas areas and beyond for over 10 years - and we can help you, too.
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