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If you’re wanting to learn more about property taxes and the protest process, look no further than the Lane Property Tax Advocates blog! Stay tuned to this page for the latest insights and industry news on property tax protests from the Lane team, and to learn more about the work we do to unburden your business from excessive property taxes.

Why an Early Start Can Help Your Commercial Property Tax Appeal

In today’s dynamic business landscape, property owners face a myriad of challenges. Not only are they tasked with day-to-day business concerns, but they increasingly find themselves facing overinflated assessments that don’t align with their properties’ true value. Commercial property tax appeals are the best way to combat such discrepancies — but those, too, add additional […]

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Why You Should Hire a Commercial Property Tax Protest Team

Have you received your commercial property tax bill in the mail? Do you believe that bill says you owe more than your fair share? As frustrating as it might be, overinflated valuations aren't just common — they're the norm. But they aren't necessarily the final word. A trained property tax protest team can serve as […]

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Why Do Your Commercial Property Assessed Values Change Each Year?

The old adage that the only thing constant is change rings true for many commercial property owners — especially in relation to assessed values. It's not uncommon to see exponential increases when notices go out, even during years when a property underwent no noticeable upgrades. Why do assessed values fluctuate from year to year? What […]

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Changes to Texas Property Tax Laws: What Commercial Property Owners Should Know

Texas has long been known for its favorable business environment, attracting entrepreneurs and investors from across the nation. Even so, ever-increasing property valuations in recent years — and the costly property tax bills that followed suit — left many property owners paying more than their fair share. Recent changes to Texas property tax laws aim […]

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Commercial Property Tax Tools and Phrases Every Property Owner Should Know

Navigating the commercial property tax world can be a daunting prospect, but it’s an important step for every property owner out there. The simple truth is, property taxes impact your income — whether you choose to protest your valuations or not. At Lane Property Tax Advocates, we’re firm believers in the idea that the better […]

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Understanding Business Personal Property Tax: Real Property vs Personal Property and Beyond

Today’s commercial property owners have a lot on their plates. In addition to day-to-day business operations, property upkeep and other tasks that keep calendars filled, there are a multitude of tax obligations to consider. Among these is the often-misunderstood business personal property tax. The business personal property tax is an ad valorem fee commercial property […]

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