Understanding the Commercial Property Tax Appeals Process

The concept of commercial property tax appeals can be daunting for a property owner. Not only does the process require gathering one’s courage to go before the county appraisal district (CAD), but it takes time and energy to compile the evidence needed for a quality argument. In addition, the protest’s outcome often has substantial impacts for commercial property owners’ bottom line, altering what’s owed by thousands of dollars.

At Lane Property Tax Advocates, we believe a clear understanding of the process is the best way to ease property owners’ minds while also helping them build confidence and look out for their best interests. Here, we’ll take a closer look at the steps that make up commercial property tax appeals and what’s required of property owners like you.


What is a Commercial Property Tax Protest and How Does it Work?
The commercial property tax protest is the act of fighting back against overinflated property taxes by presenting a case that illustrates to CAD representatives that one’s assessed value is too high — and ideally persuades them to lower that value to something more reasonable. The process involves a number of steps:

What’s Required of You When Appealing Property Taxes?
The process of appealing property taxes is more than the commercial property owner’s word against that of the CAD. A quality protest is driven by data and hard facts. As such, it takes time and research to formulate a quality case that can shift an argument in one’s favor.

The amount of work required of you, the property owner, will vary depending not only on your property portfolio, but whether you opt to protest alone or with help from a professional firm. Let’s take a look at your potential responsibilities based on your chosen path.

When Appealing Property Taxes on Your Own

When Appealing Property Taxes with a Professional Firm
This approach to the protest process takes much of the work off your plate as the property owner, albeit not all. Here is what is required of you.

The good news is, when you trust professionals to appeal your commercial property taxes, they’ll pair evidence provided by you with in-depth market research to build a case that places your argument in the best possible light. Your team will then put its expertise to work, attending formal and informal hearings on your behalf and guiding you through arbitration or litigation proceedings if the need arises. There’s little to no additional time or effort required from you once initial information has been submitted.


Lane recommends for property owners to protest their property taxes annually in order to keep property values and their accompanying tax bills in check. If you have questions about the intricacies of property tax appeals or whether such an undertaking makes sense for your properties, feel free to reach out to Lane at any time. Our experts are passionate about our work, and they’re here to unburden your business.