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What Happens if You Miss Your Commercial Property Tax Deadline?

Life is busy and there are never enough hours in a day, but there are certain tasks a commercial property owner has to tackle — and tackle on time. (Chief among them? Meeting that commercial property tax deadline.) The simple truth is, failure to adhere to timelines set out by state law can result in […]

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Commercial Property Market Value: How it’s Determined and Why it Matters

Your commercial property market value is one seemingly small (or not so small) number that can have a tremendous impact on your commercial property taxes, which affect your business and bottom line. At Lane Property Tax Advocates, we believe the best way to unburden your business and prime yourself for success is to go into […]

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Digging Deeper: Future Outlooks and Insights into Commercial Property Tax Trends

Past performance can be a powerful tool in business, and the world of commercial property ownership is no exception. When you enter into a new tax year armed with info such as ongoing commercial property tax trends, not to mention a general idea of what’s to come, you can move your business ahead in a […]

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Ready to Unburden Your Business?

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