Why You Should Hire a Commercial Property Tax Protest Team

December 4, 2020 |

Have you received your commercial property tax bill? Unless the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic got in the way, local taxing units should have mailed bills to owners on October 1st. Do you believe you owe more than your fair share? Some people may not be aware that they can fight their high property taxes – but even if they are, the process can seem overwhelming and time-consuming. With a tax advocate like Lane at your side, it doesn’t have to be that way. A property tax protest team is a valuable resource for lowering your commercial property taxes.

No Need to Worry About Deadlines or Paperwork
There’s no reason to be caught off guard by both excessive taxes and looming deadlines. There are only two dates you’ll need to remember:  January 31st and May 15th. You must pay your taxes by January 31st, and as long as you submit your property information to Lane by May 15th (the deadline in Texas to file a protest with the county appraisal district), we’ll take the rest from there. Lane files the appropriate paperwork, does the necessary research and represents you in the informal hearing, formal hearing and arbitration or litigation, if necessary. Our team will act fully on your behalf and fight to get you the lowest possible taxable value for your commercial property. The number of counties and states we protest in grows each year, so chances are we’re able to help you no matter where you are!

Knowledgeable Tax Professionals
If you’re not in the habit of studying tax law and the intricacies behind protesting your commercial property taxes, you’re not alone. Luckily, Lane’s team of tax experts does those things for a living – and we’re more than capable of handling your protest with our extensive background and experience in property tax protesting. With more than 100 years of combined experience, each of Lane’s property tax consultants is a licensed realtor with an understanding of every facet of real estate. Lane leverages our relationships with local county appraisal districts to give us an advantage in handling property tax disputes – with an average track record of a 9.02% reduction in property values for our clients. As you work on growing your business, we take the lead in ensuring you’re not paying too much in commercial property taxes – leaving you to focus on what you know and to trust the experts to correct your tax bill.

Pay Nothing Unless Your Taxable Value is Lowered
With Lane on your side, you won’t have to worry about any upfront costs associated with protesting your property taxes. While this varies on a case-by-case basis, most clients won’t pay us at all unless we’re successful at lowering the taxable value of their commercial property, when they’ll pay a contingency fee based on their reduction. It’s a no-risk situation that could lead to a huge reward – a corrected property value, and less money owed to the county tax office. Our team is made up of tax professionals who are dedicated to getting our clients the value they deserve. In 2019 alone, we saved our clients an estimated $5.4 million.

Whether it’s your first experience with protesting your commercial property taxes or you’ve been through the process before, there’s value in the convenience and ease of hiring a property tax protest team to fight for you. Save yourself the extra time of taking on the work yourself, and reach out to our experts today so we can get started on unburdening your business.

Wondering How to Protest Property Taxes?

Working with property tax protest companies like Lane ensures you have a partner to help.

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